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Catechists 傳道員組

Mission 宗旨


The main objective of our group is to spread the Good News to non believers through catechism classes.



Activities 活動


Regular meeting time and venue


Every second Thursday of the month at 8pm-10pm, Asiana Centre



The group also provides correspondence courses for those who are unable to attend catechism classes. The group is also responsible for organising monthly catechism refresher classes for baptised catholics.


Cantonese Catechumen class has commenced on 10/2/2019 and is still accepting enrolment. The class will meet on Sunday at 9:15am at St Peter Julian's Church, Haymarket. Please invite your non-believer friends and relatives to learn about God and our faith. Catholics are also encouraged to join in to renew their faith. Please contact Mrs Rachel Lo on 0410 342 890 for details.







粵語成人慕道班已於二月十日開辦新班。現繼續招收新學員。新班將於星期日上午九時十五分在華埠聖伯多祿朱廉教堂上課。請介紹未信主的親友參加。請向盧太查詢。電話: 0410 342 890。亦歡迎信友參加更新信仰。




RCIA Application Form 慕道班申請表格 (PDF)


Links 網址連接



香港公教教研中心- 福傳資料


香港天主教教友總會- 天主教怎樣看人生和信仰?


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香港活水基金- 見證分享


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香港天主教教友總會- 認識天主教信仰


天主教台北總教區- 教理推廣中心- 教理知識


Contact 聯絡


Rachel Lo 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Calendar 日曆