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8/12 (星期日) 上午九時45分 聖伯多祿朱廉教堂 課室

信仰生活分享聚會 - 主题為「葉麗儀特輯 ㈠ 笑説人生。」 


14/12 (星期六) 下午四時 亞洲中心

團體每月敬禮永援之母及為已亡親友祈禱 。 


15/12 (星期日) 下午二 時至四時 亞洲中心

聖體員組將舉辨有關送聖體的温故知新講座,由路神父主講,誠意邀請團體內的送聖體員參加,其他有興趣者亦無任歡迎,報名或查詢可聯絡David Hong 0414248937 


22/12 (星期日) 下午一時至五時 亞洲中心

團體聖誕聯歡會今年我們將有廚神大賽,歡迎參賽者帶一味「拿手小菜」參加。有機會拿到豐富的獎品。獎項包括最佳小食、最佳主菜和最佳甜品。如果你將你的「拿手小菜」給予一個有聖誕節或信仰的餸名,有機會得到最佳主題餸名。另外節目有遊戲、唱聖誕歌、聖誕禮物。誠意邀請各位團體兄弟姊妹一起參加歡度聖誕!報名請向各善會負責人或Simon Liu 0411 377 618 或Candy Lui 0437 695 744 報名。如果有興趣參加廚神大賽,請在十二月八日前報名!


24/12 (星期二) 晚上八時 亞洲中心 

聖誕彌撒 (粵語/英語) 


25/12 (星期三) 上午十一時 聖伯多祿朱廉教堂




你有臉書戶口嗎?天主教華人牧靈團體臉書群組再次啟動,歡迎各位加入成為會員。會員可以透過這群組知 道團體的活動和訊息、閲讀信仰分享和與其他教友連結和互動。群組也是一個很好的分享平台,大家可以透 過群組上載信仰資訊 (經批准),與其他教友分享! 不好遲疑,今天就去臉書搜尋 CCPC 群組! 查詢,可以聯絡 Candy Lui 0437 695 744 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




2019/20 粵語成人慕道班已截止收生;新班將於明年二月開課,詳情請向周先生 0403 589 375 / 陳先生 0422 231 328 / 盧太 0410 342 890 查詢。


中文天主教教義函授課程是為不能抽空出席慕道班的人士而設。請介紹親友參加。有興趣者請向鄧女士 (0401 058 199)查詢。


再慕道聚會星期日下午一時半在聖伯多祿朱廉教堂二樓議室舉行。 歡迎各位參加。



Upcoming Events


8/12 (Sun) 9:45am 'SPJ classroom

Life and Faith SharingThe topic will be 'Frances specia l s (1) Faithbehind Fame


14/12 (Sat) 4pm Asiana Centre

Novena devotion toOur Lady of Perpetual Help and monthly prayer forour deceased relatives and friends.


22/12 (Sun) 1-5pm Asiana Centre

CCPC Christmas partyWe are holding a cooking competition! Please make/bring your signature dish to enter into the cooking competition and share with the community. There will be prize for the best Entree, the best main meal and the best dessert.You may also win a prize if you name the dish with a theme related to Christmas or our Catholic faith.There will be Christmas Carol singing, games, Christmas gifts. Please come to celebrate Christmas with all the community members and have some fun.Please register through your group leader or contact Simon Liu 0411 377 618 or Candy Lui 0437 695 744Anyone interested to participate in the cooking competition, please register before 8th Dec.


24/12 (Tue) 8pm Asiana Centre 

Christmas eveVigil Mass (Chinese/English)


25/12 (Wed) 11am St. PeterJulian’sChurch

Christmas Day Mass

*No Mass at Asiana Centre


Please beware of pedestrians when driving in and out of Asiana Centre. Strictly observe the STOP sign on leaving the Centre to avoid any accident. Thank you for your cooperation.


Enrolment for 2019/20 Cantonese Catechumen class is now closed. New class will commence in February next year. For details please contact Mr Chow 0403 589 375 / Mr Chan 0422 231 328 / Mrs Rachel Lo 0410 342 890.


Chinese Catechism Corresponding Course is open to people who cannot attend our catechism class in person。Please encourage your non-believer friends and relatives to enrol。Please contact Mrs Elsa Tang on 0401 058 199 for details.


Catechism Refresher gathering meets on Sundays at 1.30pm and the venue is Meeting Room # 2 located on the first floor of St Peter Julian’s Church. All are welcome to join us.



Recent Publication 近期刊物


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