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14/4 & 21/4(星期日) 下午一時半至三時半 聖伯多祿朱廉教堂 後門禮堂



21/4 (星期日)上午九時半 亞洲中心

團體將為六歲或以下的兒童領洗。查詢及報名: 請聯絡 Simon Liu (0411 377 618) 或 Mary Liu (0412 261 196)


22/4 (星期一) 上午九時半

天主教亞洲大專同學會 - 2019 步行籌款活動。善款將捐助亞洲中心、The Cardoner Project 和 Caritas Australia 的不牟利機構。
詳情請聯絡牧靈團體各善會負責人或亞洲中心會長Anthony Iu 0433 780 103 / 9797-9830
聖瑪利主教座堂 開始


27/4 (星期六) 上午十時至下午十二時半 亞洲中心 
您在為基督而活嗎 (斐 1:21)? 聖神宮殿祈禱會(THS)將會舉辦一個特別為家庭及兒童而設祈禱聚會。活動內容包括敬拜讚美,信仰講道,覆手祈禱和傅油體。講座以英語進行,將有國語翻譯。歡迎各位攜同家人,朋友及兒童參加,去體驗一份更深的愛和喜樂!我們亦會提供簡便的午餐。
請聯絡 Stanley 0410 300 126 或瀏覽我們的網頁 登記。

27/4 (星期六) 下午二時至四時 亞洲中心 



聖週、復活慶典活動 Holy Week Activities


18/4 (聖週四 Holy Thu) 8pm 9:15pm-11:00pm 亞洲中心 Asiana Centre
主的晚餐 The Lord’s Supper
陪伴耶穌 - 團體祈禱
Stay with Jesus - Prayer session

19/4 (聖週五 Good Fri) 亞洲中心 Asiana Centre
(大小齋Fasting and Abstinence)
1:00pm - 慈悲串經 Divine Mercy
1:30pm-2:45pm - 拜苦路 Station of the Cross 

                            兒童拜苦路 Station of the Cross for Children (White House)

3pm-4:30pm - 救主受難紀念  Passion of the Lord

20/4 (聖週六 Holy Sat) 8pm 亞洲中心 Asiana Centre

復活夜間慶典 Easter Vigil on the Holy Night

21/4 (復活主日 Sun)

9:30am 亞洲中心 Asiana Centre

11am 聖伯多祿朱廉教堂 St Peter Julian’s
復活主日彌撒 Resurrection of the Lord

四旬期 - 修和聖事時間表 Lent - Confession time table
7, 14/4 (星期日 Sun) 8:45am - 9:15am; 3pm - 5pm 亞洲中心 Asiana Centre
18/4 (聖週四 Holy Thu) 9:30pm - 11pm 亞洲中心 Asiana Centre





粵語成人慕道班將於明年二月中開辦新班。現開始招收新學員。請介紹未信主的親友參加。請向盧太查詢。電話: 0410 342 890。亦歡迎信友參加更新信仰。


中文天主教教義函授課程是為不能抽空出席慕道班的人士而設。請介紹親友參加。有興趣者請向鄧女士 (0401 058 199)查詢。


再慕道聚會星期日下午一時半在聖伯多祿朱廉教堂二樓議室舉行。 歡迎各位參加。




Upcoming Events


14/4 & 28/4 (Sun) 1:30pm to 3:30pm St Peter Julian’s Church ( the back hall)

Sacred Heart of Jesus Sodality will be showing the movie “St. Peter”. Main soundtrack is in English with Chinese subtitles. Everyone is welcome. Due to the total running time of the film is 200 minutes, it will take two Sundays to watch it all.


21/4 (Sun) 9:30am Asiana Centre

Children Baptism; age 6 years old or under. Applications forms to be obtained and lodged at reception area at SPJ or Asiana Centre. For details, contact Mary Liu on 0412 261196 or Simon Liu on 411 377 618


22/4 (Mon) 9:30am

2019 Walkathon organised by UNSW CASS. The fund raised by this charity event will benefit Asiana Centre ACEP Building Fund, The Cardoner Project and a Charity Caritas Australia.
Please contact the leader of any CCPC group or Anthony Iu of Asiana Centre Association 0433 780 103 / 9797-9830.
Starts from St Mary's Cathedral


27/4 (Sat) 10am to 12:30pm Asiana Centre
Are you living for Christ (Phil 1:21)? Temple of the Holy Spirit (THS) prayer group invites you to a family-oriented prayer meeting. The program includes Praise & Worship, Teaching, Praying over and Anointing. English with Mandarin translation. Lunch will be provided. Bring the children and family along for a powerful day of praise.

For more details contact Stanley 0410 300126 or visit for registration.

27/4 (Sat) 2pm to 4pm Asiana Centre

Community Monthly Eucharistic Adoration. 


Please beware of pedestrians when driving in and out of Asiana Centre. Strictly observe the STOP sign on leaving the Centre to avoid any accident. Thank you for your cooperation.


New Cantonese Catechumen class has commenced on 10 February 2019 and is still accepting enrolment. Please invite your non-believer friends and relatives to learn about God and our faith. Catholics are also encouraged to join in to renew their faith. Please contact Mr Chow 0403 589 375 / Mr Chan 0422 231 328 / Mrs Rachel Lo 0410 342 890 for details.


Chinese Catechism Corresponding Course is open to people who cannot attend our catechism class in person。Please encourage your non-believer friends and relatives to enrol。Please contact Mrs Elsa Tang on 0401 058 199 for details.


Catechism Refresher gathering meets on Sundays at 1.30pm and the venue is Meeting Room # 2 located on the first floor of St Peter Julian’s Church. All are welcome to join us.


Recent Publication 近期刊物


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