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23/12 (星期日) 下午三時 Wanaka Orchard, Oakdale

耶穌聖心善會將舉辦採摘白玉桃活動。歡迎大家踴躍參加。請向 Helen Wong 0416 565 076 或 Marie Chiu 0409 653 185 查詢及報名。 


24/12 (星期一) 晚上八時 亞洲中心



25/12 (星期二) 零晨十二時 亞洲中心



25/12 (星期二) 上午十一時 聖伯多祿朱廉教堂



團體每月一次的明供聖體,十二月沒有聚會 。請各位留意。




傳道員組將舉辦「生活 /信仰分享聚會」,歡迎非教友前來探討基督宗教 , 教友前來分享信仰心得。聚會中有短片欣賞; 9月 9日開始 每主早上 9:30-10:45 SPJ 二樓會議室舉行,歡迎大家參加。 


粵語成人慕道班將於明年二月中開辦新班。現開始招收新學員。請介紹未信主的親友參加。請向盧太查詢。電話: 0410 342 890。亦歡迎信友參加更新信仰。


中文天主教教義函授課程是為不能抽空出席慕道班的人士而設。請介紹親友參加。有興趣者請向鄧女士 (0401 058 199)查詢。


再慕道聚會星期日下午一時半在聖伯多祿朱廉教堂二樓議室舉行。 歡迎各位參加。



Upcoming Events


23/12 (Sun) 3pm Wanaka Orchard, Oakdale

The Sacred Heart of Jesus Group will be conducting a Peach Picking Trip. We will meet and start picking at 3pm in the Wanaka Orchard, Oakdale. All are welcome. Please contact Helen Wong on 0416 565 076 or Marie Chiu on 0409 653 185 for details and reservation.


24/12 (Mon) 8:00pm Asiana Centre

English Mass 


25/12 (Tue) Midnight  Asiana Centre

Midnight Mass (Chinese) 


25/12 (Tue) 11:00am St. Peter Julian’s Church

Christmas Day Mass
*No Mass at Asiana Centre


Please note that there will be no Community Eucharistic Adoration session for the month of December.


Please beware of pedestrians when driving in and out of Asiana Centre. Strictly observe the STOP sign on leaving the Centre to avoid any accident. Thank you for your cooperation.


New Cantonese Catechumen class will commence in February 2019 and is now accepting enrolment. Please invite your non-believer friends and relatives to learn about God and our faith. Catholics are also encouraged to join in to renew their faith. Please contact Mrs Rachel Lo on 0410 342 890 for details.


Chinese Catechism Corresponding Course is open to people who cannot attend our catechism class in person。Please encourage your non-believer friends and relatives to enrol。Please contact Mrs Elsa Tang on 0401 058 199 for details.


Catechism Refresher gathering meets on Sundays at 1.30pm and the venue is Meeting Room # 2 located on the first floor of St Peter Julian’s Church. All are welcome to join us.



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